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Since azithromycin (Zithromax, Z Pack, Zmax) is the first-line antibiotic medication that most doctors prescribe to their patients to treat a variety of infections, it’s absolutely no doubt that the majority of people reading this have taken it at least once. Azithromycin helps against respiratory tract infections (bacterial sinusitis, bronchitis), skin infections and even sexually transmitted diseases, such as Chlamydia or Gonorrhea. It’s not only a very powerful medication but also one that is relatively safe – even despite its side effects that many consumers report, especially when on higher doses.

The dosage and duration of therapy with azithromycin depend on the type of infection being treated as well as on the individual characteristics of the patient. When dealing with Chlamydia, for example, most doctors would recommend their patients to take 1 g of azithromycin (2 Zithromax 500 mg pills) at once and that would be the end of treatment – at least, until the confirmatory test about 2 weeks later. Respiratory tract infections usually require lower doses of azithromycin but lengthier treatment – 5 days, in most cases, with 2 pills (2x250 mg) taken on the first day and 1 pill taken a day for 4 consecutive days afterwards. Although most patients report feeling healthy by day 3, it’s very important to continue therapy according to the doctor’s scheme until its end to avoid dealing with returning or dormant infection.

How to Buy Zithromax Online?

Since most patients get exactly the same treatment every time they come to their healthcare provider with symptoms of an infection, it’s no surprise that many of them end up asking this question: ‘Do I really have to follow the procedure with doctor’s appointments and prescriptions if I know I will end up taking azithromycin anyway?’ Well, if you have taken this medication before and you know it works well for you with tolerable side effects, you can probably save time and money and simply buy azithromycin online. There are sites that would ask you for a scanned version of your doctor’s prescriptions and there are also some that would offer Zithromax or other brands of azithromycin over the counter.

Although there are many reliable manufacturers of azithromycin selling their products online these days and this medication is too cheap for scammers to be interested in it as a source of significant profit, there have still been a few reported cases of counterfeit Zithromax being sold online. Thus, if you are interested in ordering this medication on the Internet but want it to be safe and effective, you should follow a few simple rules. First, don’t chase super-cheap pills – a price between $0.8 and $1.5 per pill would be reasonable for generic azithromycin but if you see this drug being sold at a much lower price, that should be considered a rather alarming sign. Second, always check customer reviews and whitelists of reliable online pharmacies prior to making the purchase, which should keep you from buying from fake sites made with the sole purpose of scamming people of their money.

Whichever way of obtaining azithromycin you prefer, remember that this medication should be avoided by people with liver or kidney problems as well as patients allergic to it. If, however, you have used azithromycin before, know what dosage works best for you and that you handle treatment with it well, you can definitely consider buying it online.

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Clients Testimonials


I was prescribed a five day round with the Z-pak after developing a severe flu-like upper respiratory infection with stuffed and painful sinuses plus aches, sore throat, diarrhea, muscle pain, nausea, and more. I had a Rituxan infusion, and all of this started the next day (common side effects or adverse events). I have rheumatoid arthritis, and my immunosystem is screwed to begin with and the Rituxan infusions temporarily make it worse. So I picked up a bug; bam! Long story, short ending. The Z-pak began working almost immediately, and two hours after my second pill of 250 mg (first was 500) I don't feel sick. My sinuses are still a bit clogged but that's livable. I'm impressed


I received the medication this morning in 2 x 500mg tablets after a call in from the doctor, even with protection I caught chlamydia recently! Absolutely no pain or discomfort except pure bloating. Had a pub lunch and beer for lunch with no issues... 8 hrs after taking I'm now consuming a glass of wine as heading out for a birthday, bloating a lot worse and it has gone straight to my head but no dramas as yet... will try and keep of the shots tonight though!